What are ‘material’ planning considerations?

We are often asked to advise on what can and can’t be considered in the assessment of a planning application.

A ‘material consideration’ is a matter that should be taken into account in deciding a planning application. As planning consultants, our role is to make sure that the case officer takes into account all material considerations when deciding a planning application. So we advise our clients on the material considerations which generally can be taken into account, including (but are not limited to):

  • Overlooking/ loss of privacy
  • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Parking
  • Highway safety
  • Traffic
  • Noise
  • Design, appearance and materials
  • Proposals in the Development Plan
  • Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)

We are often pressed by clients to include reference to matters which are not material planning considerations when we submit planning applications, these include (but are not limited to):

  • Impact on property/ land value
  • Boundary and access disputes
  • Impact of construction work
  • Matters controlled under other non-planning laws

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