Saurs of Rawrcous Entertaiment coming to an Old Town Hall near you!

We are delighted to be part of a team assisting Dinosauria Ltd in the creation of a new attraction at Gateshead Old Town Hall.

We are assisting with the Planning and Heritage aspects of the project, drawing on the expertise we have gained in renovating, preserving and reusing historic buildings on projects throughout the Northeast and beyond. 

As outlined by today’s Chronicle article, the grand plan is to transform the ex-council building into The Unnatural History Museum, an immersive experience where visitors will interact with myths, magic and monsters.

Quite aside from the economic and social benefits this creative new tourist attraction will bring, we are thrilled that this project will enable the ongoing use and maintenance of the Grade II Listed Building, through a suitably imaginative reinterpretation of an imposing piece of architecture.

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