Ethical Partnership agree collaborative ‘ethical partnership’

As a planning consultancy, our work is governed by “the three Ps” of planning: People, Planet and Profit.

This means that we are committed to:

People – ensuring staff and associates are competent to undertake the roles and are supported as required, taking into account the views/ concerns of stakeholders

Planet – commitment towards ensuring net environmental gains from commissions, identifying ways in which client’s aspirations can be delivered whilst safeguarding natural resources and increasing natural capital, commissioning local Wildlife Trusts to undertake relevant surveys

Profit – identifying ways in which non-pecuniary benefits can be provided to stakeholders, commitment towards equitable sharing of financial benefits arising from the commission

Our commitment to ethical practice was the subject of a webinar Allen delivered to IEMA members recently 

This is why Ethical Partnership are delighted to announce that we are working together with EcoNorth to offer a single comprehensive service combining planning and ecology services.

EcoNorth are a team of ecologists, ornothologists and arborists who provide ecology surveys, assessments, information, advice and guidance regarding wildlife and their habitats for both development and conservation projects. EcoNorth work with developers, planners, architects, regulatory authorities, construction, civil and utility engineering companies to deliver legally compliant projects with respect to wildlife protection and enhancement.

EcoNorth operate throughout the UK and have a wide and varied client base.

For more information please visit:

Should you have any developments which require planning or ecological services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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