Inspiring future collaboration between planners and architects

Ethical Partnership’s Allen Creedy and Alannah Healey were pleased to host a workshop yesterday afternoon, for students of Sheffield Hallam University, whom are studying a Masters degree in Architecture (MArch). Here, Alannah Healey, a Trainee Planner, summarises the session.

The students are visiting the area to study ‘frontiers of development and architecture’.  Their case studies tended to be communities ‘on the edge’ of development. This means places that have evolved differently to those around it due to a contrast in governance or location. During their stay they have visited several North East locations. This includes Berwick, on the edge of the border between England and Scotland, and Wallsend, on the edge of industrial development.

The students were interested in Ouseburn due to the distinctive way it has evolved over time, left out from the more radical Quayside clearance developments.  Ethical Partnership provided an overview of the evolution of the Ouseburn Valley over recent decades, to assist with the student’s research. Allen guided the architecture students through the drivers of the evolution of the Ouseburn. The students were provided with a breadth of knowledge on the subject which only comes from working in practice. The discussion highlighted the importance of the planning and governance relationships in how places evolve.

It is important for architecture students to be aware of planning and sustainability issues associated with their professional practice, as this creates an awareness of how their practice sits within the bigger picture.  As such, Ethical Partnership were happy to share our wealth of knowledge with a new generation of budding architects.

The session reinforced the importance of planners being associated within multi-disciplinary teams. The way in which planners collaborate with other professionals greatly reflects on the quality of urban and rural developments. Ethical Partnership are strong advocates of engaging with and involving other disciplines throughout the development process. If you are interested in finding out more about the services we provide, please get in touch.

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