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Gateshead Council are consulting on Part 3 of their Local Plan, ‘Making Spaces for Growing Places (MSGP)’.

MSGP is the next stage of Gateshead’s Local Plan, following on from adoption of the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan for Newcastle and Gateshead in March 2015, which forms parts 1 and 2 of the Local Plan.

The Plan consists of policies which will be used to guide decisions of planning applications, and will determine land allocations (e.g. housing land, employment land) and designations (e.g. green belt, conservation areas).

Once adopted MSGP will set out a clear framework for development in Gateshead, including detailed development management policies that will need to be adhered to when assessing planning applications, and sites that are allocated for particular types of development.

The consultation is an opportunity for landowners, businesses and individuals to comment on the Plan, before it is sent to the Planning Inspector for public examination.

Please note that representations must be submitted to the council by 9th December 2018.

If you live, work or have any other interests in the future development of Gateshead, we can guide you through the process of providing your comments to the council.

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