More than just a house, but a Lifetime Home

We can support you with the creation of more than just a house, but a home for life. 

Lifetime Homes emerged from work developed by the Helen Hamlyn Foundation and Habinteg Housing Association in the late 1980s.  Helen Hamlyn Foundation’s focus was on the impact of an ageing society on design standards, whilst Habinteg was a housing organisation founded by Scope, with an interest in the housing needs of disabled people. Together both organisations approached the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to carry forward their ideas.

A Lifetime Home follows 16 design criteria that provides the absolute model for building accessible and adaptable homes.  From consideration of approach gradients, level entrance thresholds, through to reinforcement of ceilings and walls to allow tracking hoist routes and handrails, Lifetime Homes are the ideal way to access to those with physical and sensory limits, as well as supporting and protecting an ageing population.

Lifetime Homes rarely require greater space standards and should not impact on the density of a development.  Because of their thoughtful design, Lifetime Homes often feel more spacious, a feature which is important in high density developments. 

Bringing Lifetime Homes design into the general housing stock should, over time, allow older people to stay in their own homes for longer, reduce the need for home adaptations and give greater choice to disabled people who cannot achieve independent living due to lack of suitable housing. 

So contact us today for design reviews, training of builders and traders, auditing, all through to providing the final certification. 

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