How Waste Auditing Can Help You

At Ethical Partnership we aim to make every project we work on as sustainable as possible, this includes our work with waste auditing.

A recent study showed that 77% of the waste created at commercial office buildings that is put into land fill is actually recyclable. Image what that picture looks like for construction projects and other businesses that create a lot more waste by their nature. 

A waste audit looks at all the waste created in your business and where it goes and gives recommendations on how to store, sort, and reduce waste so that you can maximise profit, time, efficiency and increase sustainability.

Save Money

By getting a waste audit you can make sure that the waste you are creating is disposed of properly and what is recyclable is recycled. Disposing of recyclable waste as opposed to mixed or hazardous waste is far cheaper and easier to manage.

Making sure that the amount of waste created is reduced to the smallest amount by reusing inert materials such as bricks, clay and soil on-site cuts the cost of having to store, transport and dispose of the waste. As well as reducing the amount of waste, some materials such as metals can be sold instead of thrown away. 

Measure Success

Making sure that you know how well you are doing is an important part of a waste audit. Creating a baseline that is regularly measured and continuously improving upon that can improve your sustainability and encourage continual success in waste management.

Verification and Accurate Data

Verifying data provided by a waste transporter which is important for accurate billing and business practices. It is also key to have accurate data when renegotiating waste removal RFP contacts.

Regulators and Reports

Certain verification standards require waste audits, for example LEED. Insuring that you have the correct information not only saves you time but may save you braking any laws or regulations.

Gain Sustainability Credentials

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and therefor showing that you are improving and moving forward. Stakeholders increasingly demand that businesses improve their sustainability. Additionally it has been shown that more people entering the work force value sustainability highly when choosing a job. Therefore increasing your sustainability can not only help you please your stakeholders but also increase staff retention and enthusiasm.     

How We Can Help

Contact us today to find out how waste auditing can help you improve your business, and together protect the environment for years to come. 

Another great way of finding out more about waste management is by visiting Right Waste Right Place homepage, or by attending one of their workshops. They are dedicated to helping companies and make many useful documents around legal compliance and waste. The next event will be in Barrow on the 26th of September. To find out more about the event go to the ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ website or read our blog post about the last event in Newcastle. You can also keep in contact via our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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