Towards Zero Carbon?

The Code for Sustainable Homes looks to be the latest government policy that’s about to get the ‘localism’ makeover. It’s understood that a ministerial statement to be issued before the recess will point towards local councils being given the discretion to choose which code credits they consider are important and those that are not! So hurrah that cycles will no longer pointlessly have to be provided for old people’s bungalows in the Welsh valleys, or rainwater butts be installed in Cumbria where nobody ever has to water the garden!

But let’s hope it’s not the proverbial sledge hammer to crack the nut! Whilst we desperately need more houses and to support house-builders, its not the code that’s holding back house-building. The code has been the stimulus for some technological innovation in house design, manufacture and in green energy and insulation products. In trying to get more housing built let’s hope the changes don’t pull the rug from under our fragile manufacturers of these new technology products. Want to now more about how to build to Zero carbon standards – contact us.

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