Pendower Hall and Hadrian School – Please comment

A warm welcome to the Pendower Hall and Hadrian School consultation page!

Hadrian School, and the new owners of the Hall, Pendower Hall Ltd, have organised a Consultation event on the 5th of October (4pm – 8pm)  so that you can hear and see more about our proposals.

A planning application has been submitted and will be decided by the city council over the next few months. The planning application proposes to:

  • Restore Pendower Hall – in a sympathetic way so that it can be used as high quality offices and for events;  retaining all the original heritage features wherever possible.
  • Extend Pendower Hall – to the west of the building; to provide a large open plan hall for conferences, exhibitions and events.
  • Restore and remodel the grounds – including widening the existing vehicular access off the West Road, with additional parking at the entrance to the school off Bertram Crescent and within the hall grounds.

The scheme has been designed to:

  • Provide sufficient and safe parking and access – both for the needs of the school and visitors /users of the hall, with new pedestrian paths linking the school and hall grounds.
  • Replace many of the diseased and dangerous trees around the hall, including many new trees, shrubs and garden features – all part of a contemporary redesign and remodelling of the grounds of the site.
  • Control noise by screening any new heating and ventilation equipment, installing sound insulation and ensuring car parks are screened from housing.
  • Increase wildlife with nest boxes, flowers and shrubs for butterflies and trees which are important for birds.

Please read more about the proposals and tell us what you think using our feedback form.