Do you know the real value of your property or land? #value #property #land

Buying and selling land is not a new phenomenon. Trading customs vary across time and culture, but bargaining and purchasing are universal necessities of life – and access to land resources have become part of this order of things.

So, what if you have property that you wish to buy or sell as an investment? Perhaps you have land adjacent to your garden which you no longer need and could benefit a buyer whilst releasing capital for yourself? Or, maybe you have been using a commercial property for an additional function…

Certain classes of land and property are more valuable than others. Agricultural land is worth far less than residential. A commercial property with rights of use as a takeaway is more desirable than an equivalent property classed as a shop.

Knowing the value of existing use rights can significantly enhance the sale price of both land and property. Large development companies can make life easy for vendors – but in doing so turn a healthy profit for themselves at the cost of the seller. “A little work goes a long way” when it comes to receiving the full value of your assets.

Our services can help you understand the true value of your property or land through a review of existing use rights and the potential for development. If you (or a client) would like to discuss this with us, do get in touch.

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