Do you own land in Northumberland..?

Northumberland County Council are preparing their Local Plan, which will run to 2036. 

What does that mean? (And why would anyone be interested?) 

Every local council has a duty to create a strategy that takes into account things like how the area’s population and economy are likely to change, and to plan how provision will be made for this.

For example, a county with an increasingly ageing population will need to consider the likely impacts on health and social care, what this may mean for housing and for public services into the future. Part of the process includes matching likely demand with potential supply – areas that may need more housing will need land on which to build those houses. Areas that are likely to see business growth must identify a way to suitably accommodate those businesses.

Northumberland Council are doing their ‘background research’ at the moment. As part of this, they have just released a ‘Call for Sites’.  

This is an opportunity for landowners, businesses and individuals to offer land or property they own to be considered and potentially included in the Local Plan – as housing sites, employment land, or to fill another need. If you own land in Northumberland, we can advise you on its potential suitability and guide you through the process of submitting your sites to the council. Please get in touch!