Latest Residential Submission by Ethical Partnership

Ethical Partnership are pleased to announce the recent submission of a major residential planning project. This will include the demolition of agricultural building to allow 37 dwellings and 9 apartments within West Boldon, South Tyneside.

The residential development proposal is an exciting opportunity to develop a long standing site for a range of house types which will include 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments and an element of affordable housing.

The proposed development has been designed with regard to relevant national and local planning and environmental policies, ambitions and aspirations and will assist in achieving many of the  objectives contained therein. The scheme will deliver many economic, social and environmental benefits.

The proposed development meets an identified housing need within the area and will be able to deliver positive economic outcomes for the local area. A strong street frontage along North Road will help ensure a stronger sense of place within West Boldon. There is also the potential for the scheme to positively contribute to net biodiversity gain.

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