The First Month as a Planning Graduate

During my first month working at Ethical Partnership, I can certainly say time flies when you are having fun! Although, there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes, getting to grips and learning the ropes, it has been an enjoyable and enriching month. The team have been supportive and encouraging the entire time, and I am thankful be able to work with the amazing individuals who make Ethical Partnership.

Although it has been challenging adapting to the change of working through university to working within practice, I have been supported throughout. I feel I have faced challenges head on, taking my own initiative and being confident in my work, which my fellow colleagues have helped with significantly.

I have been involved in a range of projects and research tasks which have shown how diverse the profession of planning is, and how there is always something new, exciting and inspiring around the corner. I particularly felt pride when I was approached by Director Matthew Creedy regarding a venue in the Pink Triangle LGBTQ* scene in Newcastle, which gave me the opportunity to express my feelings and reveal my expertise regarding this area of planning, having produced dissertations on the LGBTQ* community and the Pink Triangle.

I have also volunteered to be part of the Shieldfield Dwellbeing project, which has allowed me to share my expertise and ideas for community progression within the area, through collaborative, communicative and cultural planning. Furthermore, this has aided my ability to work with locals and expand my professionalism as an ethical and considerate planner.

In the future, I am hoping to be involved with a range of projects, particularly ones which involve heritage, regeneration and sustainability, also to be involved in appeals which I believe I could thrive in. Additionally, I am hoping to involve my passion for equity and inclusion to be present within the planning profession, which will signify my planning approach and ethos.

After my first month working with Ethical Partnership, advice I wish I could have given myself before my start would be “do not be afraid of asking questions”! If you’re concerned asking too many questions may make it seem you are doing something wrong, that is not the case at all. Asking as many questions as possible shows you are doing something very right, allowing yourself to learn along to process, expand and show your colleagues you are pushing to understand your role.

It is understandable feeling nervous starting your career, and confidence is something which grows with time. If you have the pleasure of working with an amazing team like Ethical Partnership, your confidence will be nurtured from day one, and your potential is always valued.

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