Planning Success Supports the Climate Emergency

Ethical Partnership recently secured planning permission on behalf of a client based in Monmouthshire, Wales, that directly supports the climate emergency. This will see the installation of an Air Handling Unit (AHU) and supporting platform to house a heat recovery system and bespoke control system. We are excited to see the energy-efficient and cost-effective improvements that this will bring.

In May 2019, Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) declared a Climate Emergency, with unanimous support from Councillors. The Council has supported the founding of the Monmouthshire’s Community Climate Champions – a group that is guiding the county in reducing its carbon footprint.

New initiatives have been adopted by MCC, including “Re:fit”. The Re:fit framework guides local authorities in enabling change, which is delivered at scale and pace. The framework uses a robust, flexible and tested contracting approach. Initially developed by the Greater London Authority in 2009, the use of the framework is growing with dedicated teams now supporting organisations across England and Wales. The programme helps to enable organisations such as local authorities, schools, universities, hospitals, leisure centres and museums, to implement retrofit projects and achieve large financial savings.

The AHU is located where it respects the character of the site and its surroundings – something that is important when securing planning permission for projects. The development also protects and enhances the local environment to create an attractive, safe, and accessible place. Not only will the project not impact on the operation of the site, but it will also allow the site to be more efficient and offer a more suitable environment for exercise.

This development is an example of how updating existing building systems can reduce energy needs. It also provides a visible example as to how not only MCC, but other local authorities, can reduce carbon emissions to net zero in line with current targets.

At Ethical Partnership we are proud to support schemes like those in Monmouthshire and assist in the move from fossil fuels to renewable energy. We understand the need to rapidly move towards expanding our national renewable energy capabilities. Currently, we are working on an ever-increasing number of projects that utilise renewable energy and are excited to see the sector moving in the right direction.

With such as vast range of experience and skills, no planning consultancy is better suited to tackle the issues surrounding climate change and moving towards net zero as we are. We are happy to work with local authorities, developers and private clients to ensure that all elements of the planning process make the essential impact to meet our net zero targets.

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