Alec’s First Week As a Student Planner at Ethical Partnership

Alec joined us last week as a student planner, currently completing his year-in-industry whilst completing his Urban Planning degree at Newcastle University. After his first week, we asked Alec to share his experience of working with us so far…

As a student planner, I understand the importance of supporting my colleagues and contributing to various projects. In doing so, I not only assist the team but also enhance my own understanding and expertise in town planning. Here are some key skills I have identified that I can bring to the role:

My research and data analysis abilities enable evidence-based decision-making, while my understanding of planning legislation and policies ensures compliance and efficient implementation. Additionally, my problem-solving capabilities and adaptability ensure effective project management and the ability to address dynamic challenges.

By bringing these skills to the EP team, I am confident in making valuable contributions toward building sustainable, liveable, and prosperous communities.

During my time at Ethical Partnership as a student planner, I hope to benefit the team by providing a fresh perspective, offering innovative ideas and alternative approaches to problem-solving. Furthermore, I wish to think my enthusiasm and motivation will help add to the positive and energized work environment.

Additionally, my strong communication skills will help with effective collaboration and understanding, not only with my team but with potential clients. Finally, I am reliable and accountable, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and to the highest standard.

During my first few days at EP, I quickly acclimated to the warm and inclusive atmosphere created by the friendly team. Their welcoming nature and support enabled me to seamlessly transition into the working environment. Moreover, they have introduced me to a range of stimulating projects that I will soon be working on. As I look forward, I am eager to expand my understanding of the expansive realm of planning, as the knowledge I gain from work at EP will help my studies while pursuing my master’s degree. I am excited about the opportunities for growth and the chance to contribute to EP’s impactful work.

To find out more about the work that we do you can look at our services here, as well as a selection of the projects we have worked on in our portfolio here. You can also keep to date with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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