Jo Rogers: Young Planner of the Year National Finalist at the RTPI Awards 2023

In the world of urban planning, where the delicate balance between growth and preservation often takes centre stage, it’s refreshing to see a young and passionate planner like Jo Rogers making her mark. With her recent nomination as a national finalist in the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) Awards in the Young Planner of the Year category, Jo’s commitment to creating equitable, sustainable, and inclusive communities is garnering well-deserved recognition.

Jo Rogers is not just any planner – her work is driven by a passion for combining academia, equity in planning, and specialist knowledge to create better outcomes for all members of society. This holistic approach is what sets her apart in the field. 

One of Jo’s core beliefs is that urban planning should prioritise equity and inclusivity. She understands that our built landscape is diverse, and their planning should reflect this diversity. She has delved deep into specialised areas of planning, gaining a thorough understanding of the intricacies of her field. This knowledge not only informs her work but also positions her as a strong thought leader in the industry. Her ability to integrate this specialised knowledge with her passion for equity is what makes her such an outstanding planner.

“I’m a little shocked and delighted to be named as a finalist for the national Young Planner of the Year 2023 – particularly given the range and calibre of the Young Planners from the other regions. I’m thrilled that the work I am doing for clients, communities and to train and support fellow planners is making an impact; and this nomination spurs me on to keep working hard to use the potential of planning to make life better for everyone in our society, particularly the most vulnerable.”

Jo Rogers MRTPI

Jo’s journey from being a North West regional standout to a national finalist in the RTPI Awards is a testament to her dedication, passion, and vision. From running workshops for people identifying as disabled to help shape proposals, to researching key issues at the intersection of planning, health and social care, her commitment to equity in planning, combined with her specialist knowledge, sets her apart in the field of planning. Everyone at EP is eagerly awaiting the results of the RTPI Awards and look forward to witnessing the positive impact Jo will undoubtedly continue to make in the world of planning.

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