Planning Approval Secured for Holiday Accommodation in Northumberland National Park

a holiday apartment is on the left, with a hot tub and fire pit to the right

We are always pleased to support our clients with planning services. We would always recommend that you contact us for planning advice before embarking with your development proposals. On occasion, we are contacted by clients to support them in resolving situations where they have committed a planning breach, by proceeding with development before obtaining planning permission. Recently, we were commissioned to support a client in need of urgent planning assistance with holiday accommodation in Northumberland National Park.  

Ethical Partnership were approached by our client to support them in resolving a planning enforcement issue. The enforcement issue related to the unauthorised conversion of an existing outbuilding at their property to a self-contained unit of holiday accommodation in the picturesque Northumberland National Park. 

the image is made of three pictures, to the left there is a bed looking out over a field and a fire pit, to the upper right is the holiday accommodation itself - a white building with views of the national park, and to the bottom right is a hot tub with the views out over the national park

We supported our client by: 

  • engaging with the local planning authority to agree the level of information required to be submitted in support of a retrospective application for planning permission;
  • authoring a planning statement to justify the development against the relevant development plan policies and other material planning considerations;
  • coordinating the preparation of the required drawings, surveys and other assessments required to be submitted in support of the retrospective planning application;
  • assembling, submitting and managing determination of the application, including undertaking ongoing liaison with the local planning authority and providing the client with regular updates throughout; and
  • securing retrospective planning permission for the development in an expeditious manner, allowing our client to continue to lawfully operate and let their holiday accommodation

We are delighted to be able to support our client, and they are equally pleased with the outcome:

“I’m very happy with the experience we have had with you!”

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your planning requirements. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with everything that we do at EP.

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