Sophie Stanton

Graduate Planner


phone: 0191 209 2564 

Sophie is based in our Newcastle office.

Sophie is a Planner who aims to bring expert knowledge of minority communities, culture and heritage to my professional role. Having completed her Undergraduate degree in Human Geography at Northumbria University and Masters degree in Urban Planning at Newcastle University, she brings a specialist interest in regeneration into my work for EP clients. She has been involved in a wide variety of projects to develop knowledge in a variety of sectors.

She have gained experience in preparing and gaining planning permissions, including the discharge of conditions for a range of projects, as well as more challenging projects for Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Paragraph 80 housing. Additionally, she has successfully monitored large scale applications and liaised with a variety of subconsultants to strengthen applications and uphold professionalism with clients and partners.

Outside of projects, she has displayed eager entrepreneurship and business development within EP by reaching out to expand opportunities with other firms in relationships whilst delivering benefits to the wider local community. Additionally, she has actively sought to resurrect and support projects in the local area to apply her expertise and passions into the planning profession.

“Outside of EP, I involve myself in volunteering opportunities where I can use my planning knowledge to help others. For example, I am currently assisting Dwellbeing and Shieling in developing a Strategic Plan for Shieldfield, Newcastle Upon Tyne. This has involved various social and strategy meetings whereby I have met with fellow volunteers and local residents to establish local needs and how we might best display this to Newcastle City Council to secure sustainable and ethical development in the near and far future for current and future residents of Shieldfield.

I continue to follow my passion in producing research in topics which have lacked in academic and planning, for example research I produced in my master’s dissertation titled “’Rainbow Regeneration’ in Newcastle Upon Tyne’s LGBTQ* Scene: Working Towards Sustainable Inclusivity and Representation’, which was awarded by Newcastle University and is due to be published. I look for opportunities to evolve my knowledge and educate others on topical issues which are prevalent today. As a community activist and researcher, I believe it is important to be mindful of inequalities and injustices present, and therefore I hope to see my research and work as a planner informing and guiding others into questioning and investigating the diverse and complex urban places we occupy.”