Re-Positioning Heritage in the Planning System

As a society, there is a tendency to let the short-term market demand prevail against the long-term protection of our natural and historic assets. Heritage assets are under pressure within a system designed to facilitate development.

Kevin Balch reflects on the importance of a holistic approach to planning for heritage in the recent article ‘Why putting heritage at the back of your list could be criminal for future generations‘. 

Heritage assets should not be an afterthought within the planning process. Early engagement and understanding of these assets can lead to a development of higher quality which respects and enhances its historic environment.

The recent Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission ‘Living with Beauty’ report supports this approach, in that ‘Respect for heritage is intimately linked to local distinctiveness’.

Moreover, respect for local distinctiveness is synonymous with respect for the local community. This is because the historic environment is central to our culture and sense of identity.

Heritage can play an integral part on delivering all three sustainable development objectives. So why do we not respect our assets more?

At ethical partnership, we are experts in planning for the historic environment, and can assist in applications for listed buildings, heritage statements, as well as many other services linked to conservation, such as objections to unacceptable applications.

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