Volunteering around Ouseburn with EP (June 2023)

two pictures side by side, the one on the left shows a path which is overgrown with weeds and foliage, the one on the right shows members of the EP team Will, Rosie, Tom, Jenna and Alison from left to right after cutting back a lot of the shrubs

At EP, we’ve continued to volunteer out time with the Ouseburn Trust through their ‘Adopt a Plot’ scheme which involves us looking after a specific plot in our local area and keeping it free of litter and improving it for both people and wildlife. The different woodlands, green spaces and wild corners that Ouseburn has are vital for biodiversity. You can read about our previous volunteering work at our plot here.

Map showing the location of our plot in the Ouseburn, a red line boundary is around the horse riding paddock, the steps and some pathway

On Friday 16th, we went down to the plot at lunchtime to do a litter pick. By removing litter from the plot, we hope to help maintain a clean and healthy environment for all of the insects, bugs and grubs that call it home! 

Thanks to Dean, Thomas, Rosie, Sophie, Jen, Athira and Alison for spending your lunchtime doing this and volunteering a total of 3.5 hours.

And then on Friday after work we took the cutters out to cut back some of the overhanging vegetation that was blocking sections of the path, making the route far more accessible for everyone who wants to enjoy the greenery that Ouseburn has to offer. To make sure we don’t disturb the local wildlife too much, we won’t be doing any shrub or tree work, or going onto the woodland floor until the nesting season is over in September.

Thanks to Thomas, Rosie, Jen, Athira, Willand Alison again for their time to do this and for volunteering a total of 7 hours. 

Two pictures of the same set of stairs side by side, the one of the left is overgrown with weeds and foliage and the one on the left is more cut back making the steps more accessible

Along with our previous volunteering down at our plot, this brings our total volunteering time to… 22.5 hours!

We’re starting to see a real difference around the area and as we go further into Summer it’s great to think that we’re preserving and encouraging many wildlife habitats, but also making the area more accessible for those who would like to visit the green areas around Ouseburn.

As always, we want to thank Ouseburn Trust for providing the equipment and the plot, and if you are interested in volunteering some with the trust (we highly recommend it!) please follow this link.

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