Volunteering around Ouseburn with EP (March 2023)

Recently, the team at EP have started volunteering our time with the Ouseburn Trust through their ‘Adopt a Plot’ scheme. This involves looking after a specific area, keeping it litter free and improving it for people and wildlife. Ouseburn has woodlands, wild corners and green spaces and it’s important that these are kept clean and tidy for everyone to be able to enjoy.

Our plot is a short walk from our office, so we are going to start popping down regularly to make sure it is tidy and litter is removed. The pathway is also a cycle path and throughfare from Ouseburn into Heaton, so it is important that there continues to be access here.

A red line around our plot along ouseburn, showing where it is in relation to the local area. It is south of the student accommodation, east of our office, north of the bars around ouseburn and West of hotspur primary school
Where our plot along Ouseburn is. Image from Google Maps.

Last week, we used Wednesday lunchtime to take some bin bags down to remove waste and recyclable rubbish and we managed to fill a whole 7 bags! Over the coming months we are hoping to cut back a lot of the shrubbery that hangs out onto the path, repaint and touch up some of the existing paintwork, and plant a lot of wildflowers to help increase biodiversity in the area.

Thanks to Tom, Rosie, Alannah, Alison, Dan, Matthew and Kaelan for volunteering a total of 4 hours over lunchtime to this.

Left to right: Tom, Rosie, Alannah, Alison, Dan, Matthew and Kaelan. Standing with the bags of rubbish we have collected.
Left to right: Tom, Rosie, Alannah, Alison, Dan, Matthew and Kaelan.

And on Tuesday of this week, Allen led a planting workshop for the team over lunch where – despite the rain – we were able to start bringing some greenery back to the patch of land to create build upon the woodland edge with native plants. We’re looking forward to planting more here over the next few months and seeing how the cuttings grow!

Thanks to Allen, Rosie, Alannah, Alison, Tom, Matthew, Peter and Will for volunteering a total of 8 hours over lunchtime to this.

This takes our total time volunteering on the plot so far to… 12 hours!

As we go into spring and summer, we are hoping to be able to pop down to the plot even more to make the most of the warm weather and see what sort of difference we can make to the area.

We again want to thank Ouseburn Trust for providing the equipment and the plot, and if you are interested in volunteering some with the trust (we highly recommend it!) please follow this link

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